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Be at your scariest of best this Halloween with our Zombie costumes

The word zombie has many connotations. But in our popular culture it is more commonly associated with horror and terror. Although you cannot be a zombie in real life yet the best that you can do is that you can wear the zombie costumes bought from costume4less.com and behave like one. Read More These costumes would give you the mush desired look and appearance of a zombie. The costumes are designed while keeping in mind the effect that the wearer wants to create.

If it is the festival of Halloween that you wish to celebrate in style then our Zombie Halloween costumes would help you do that. All your trick or treat adventures would be made a great success by these zombie costumes bought from us. Just check out our costumes such as the Zombie man costume, Zombie ghost face bleeding costume, Zombie clown animated, Skeleton zombie teen costume, Zombie doctor costume, Zombie child costume and many more.

The best thing is that these costumes are available at the most economical of costs at this website. Go ahead and scare the hell out of your victims this Halloween with the zombie costumes bought from our website. Make your trick or treat a grand success with our Zombie Halloween costumes. With these costumes you are all set to celebrate your Halloween in the way you wanted to. Be at your scariest of best. If it is a Halloween party that you have to attend then these costumes would give you a unique identity. Just make sure that you are buying all your costumes from the same warehouse to save on shipping costs and to avail our free shipping offer. Show Less
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Neon Zombie Child Costume
See Size Options

Neon Zombie Child Costume
($68.16) $36.92
You Save ($31.24)
Living Dead Child Costume
See Size Options

Living Dead Child Costume
($63.00) $39.55
You Save ($23.45)
Zombie ninja child costume
See Size Options

Zombie ninja child costume
($77.90) $31.68 - $34.85
You Save Upto ($46.22)
Zombie Girl Costume
See Size Options

Zombie Girl Costume
($49.77) $29.05 - $31.96
You Save Upto ($20.72)
Zombie Dawn Child Costume
See Size Options

Zombie Dawn Child Costume
($36.19) $31.65
You Save ($4.54)
Zombie Prom Queen Child Costume
See Size Options

Zombie Prom Queen Child Costume
($69.91) $35.00
You Save ($34.91)
Zombie Girl Child Costume
See Size Options

Zombie Girl Child Costume
($69.91) $37.80
You Save ($32.11)
NC  WW  
Zombie Girl Prop

Zombie Girl Prop
($120.00) $62.67
You Save ($57.33)
Zombie Child Prop

Zombie Child Prop
($980.00) $241.48
You Save ($738.52)
Atmosfearfx Zombie Invasion

Atmosfearfx Zombie Invasion
($61.16) $29.99
You Save ($31.17)
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Child Pirate Costumes
Does your child like the Johnny Depp Pirate movie? Then you must think about dressing him up like a junior pirate, this Halloween. We are sure he is going to love his role and enjoy the party to the core. Buy child pirate costumes for your little girl or boy and make them look like a true pirate! The material of these ensembles is of the finest quality.