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Let your sporty side come to the fore this Halloween

We all will agree to the fact that without sports our lives would be dull and without any adventure. The adrenalin rush that we get everytime we are watching our favorite sport cannot be matched by any other feeling. Read More If you really are the sporty one and love any sport then it would be wonderful if you buy and wear our sports costumes. At costume4less.com we have a wonderful collection of these costumes that would give you a real upbeat feeling. You might not be a star in the sport that you like but nothing in this world can stop you from feeling like one by wearing these costumes.

If it is the Halloween festival that you are planning to celebrate in style then there are no costumes better than our sports Halloween costumes. You can be at your adventurous best by wearing our sports costumes. If trick or treat is on your mind then also these costumes would give you an advantage and tell your victims about your sporty intentions. Halloween is one festival that gives you an opportunity to be at your very best as far as playing pranks is concerned. Our Halloween sports costumes such as Plus size speedster costume, big boxer toddler costume, Jason Hockey jersey& mask costume, playboy racy referee, tight end costume and many more would help you a great deal in this regards.

The best thing is that these costumes are available to you at the most economical of costs. Buying your sports costumes from costume4less.com is the wisest thing that you would be doing this Halloween season. But make sure that you are buying your costumes from the same warehouse to save on shipping costs and to take advantage of our free shipping offer. Show Less
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Cheerleader Girls Costume
See Size Options

Cheerleader Girls Costume
($36.00) $11.94 - $11.95
You Save Upto ($24.06)
Cheerleader Costume
See Size Options

Cheerleader Costume
($24.00) $11.12 - $11.85
You Save Upto ($12.88)
Cheerless Leader Costume
See Size Options

Cheerless Leader Costume
($59.85) $33.05 - $33.07
You Save Upto ($26.80)
NC  WW  
Purple/Yellow Cheerleader Costume
See Size Options

Purple/Yellow Cheerleader Costume
($25.50) $10.14 - $13.46
You Save Upto ($15.36)
Speedster Preteen Girl Costume
See Size Options

Speedster Preteen Girl Costume
($31.90) $17.90 - $19.88
You Save Upto ($14.00)
Wheeler Preteen Girl Costume
See Size Options

Wheeler Preteen Girl Costume
($30.00) $16.56 - $19.88
You Save Upto ($13.44)
Bunting Foul Infant Costume

Bunting Foul Infant Costume
($43.50) $13.92
You Save ($29.58)
Jr. Champion Racing Child Costume
See Size Options

Jr. Champion Racing Child Costume
($44.95) $29.95 - $34.40
You Save Upto ($15.00)
Bunting Home Run Costume

Bunting Home Run Costume
($53.30) $7.88
You Save ($45.42)
WWE Deluxe Undertaker Child Costume
See Size Options

WWE Deluxe Undertaker Child Costume
($46.19) $29.38 - $41.35
You Save Upto ($16.81)
Bad Spirit Child Costume
See Size Options

Bad Spirit Child Costume
($47.25) $27.84 - $30.62
You Save Upto ($19.41)
Cheerleader Child Costume

Cheerleader Child Costume
($32.97) $14.23
You Save ($18.74)
Leotard Lycra Child Costume
See Size & Color Options

Leotard Lycra Child Costume
($29.66) $15.34 - $28.37
You Save Upto ($14.32)
AW  CC  
Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves
($21.00) $15.33
You Save ($5.67)
Cheerleader Dress-Up Yearbook Child Costume

Cheerleader Dress-Up Yearbook Child Costume
($53.90) $7.11
You Save ($46.79)
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Child Pirate Costumes
Does your child like the Johnny Depp Pirate movie? Then you must think about dressing him up like a junior pirate, this Halloween. We are sure he is going to love his role and enjoy the party to the core. Buy child pirate costumes for your little girl or boy and make them look like a true pirate! The material of these ensembles is of the finest quality.