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Let horror be the theme of your life this Halloween by wearing our horror costumes

Human beings are a mixture of various emotions and feelings. Out of all these it is the feeling of horror that has captivated the human imagination since time immemorial. We are all very much familiar with this feeling and love to play pranks on our known ones that would really give them the jitters. Read More At costume4less.com we have a wonderful collection of some of the most astonishingly designed costumes that would scare the life out of the people who would see you in them. Our horror costumes are just the attires that were missing in your wardrobe.

If it is the festival of Halloween that you wish to celebrate by making others squeak in fear then our horror Halloween costumes are the perfect costumes that you should be buying. Just select from our wonderful collection that contains costumes such as Ghoul black hooded robe child costume, Sweeney Todd deluxe costume, Zombie adult costume, Spider web gauze ghost costume, skeleton bride costume along with many more. This Halloween make your trick or treat adventure all the more interesting and fun filled. We want you to live up to your expectations this Halloween by wearing the horror costumes available with us.

All that you need to do is visit our website and make your pick. All of our horror Halloween costumes are quite capable to scare the daylights out of your victims this Halloween. These costumes would simply make sure that this day completely and absolutely belongs to you only. If it is the Halloween party that you have to attend then these horror costumes would simply help you stand out from the crowd. Make sure that you make all your purchase from the same ware house to save on the shipping costs and take advantage of our free shipping offer. Show Less
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Vamp Fairy Costume, Girl

Vamp Fairy Costume, Girl
($64.00) $39.55
You Save ($24.45)
Too Cute To Spook Lil Vampire Infant/Toddler Costume

Too Cute To Spook Lil Vampire Infant/Toddler Costume
($51.90) $17.13
You Save ($34.77)
NC  WW  
Vampire Toddler Costume

Vampire Toddler Costume
($19.50) $13.48
You Save ($6.02)
Vampire B Slayed Child Costume
See Size Options

Vampire B Slayed Child Costume
($63.90) $35.32
You Save ($28.58)
Skelebones Toddler Costume

Skelebones Toddler Costume
($53.90) $23.80
You Save ($30.10)
NC  WW  
Freddy Krueger Ground Breaker

Freddy Krueger Ground Breaker
($312.44) $168.00
You Save ($144.44)
Jason Voorhees Ground Breaker

Jason Voorhees Ground Breaker
($312.44) $168.00
You Save ($144.44)
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If horror is your favorite genre of all time, if you love to see people shivering with terror, if you love the sound of gulps; we have the right things here for you. Our Halloween horror costumes and horror accessories will give the desired horrific look to your Halloween preparations. Let Them Scream: Let your friends scream out loud when step in the party hall donning a horrendous vampire costume. Complete your look with top hat with blood red band, sleek vampire glasses and ornate amulet with matching strap. Our gothic vampire make-up kit carrying eye lashes, glitter blood, extended canine teeth will complement your medieval vampire appearance. Our range of Halloween horror costumes and horror accessories is a complete set to give your party place a typical gothic look. Absolute satisfaction is guaranteed. Shop for your family and friends and make this Halloween scarier than ever.