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Glasses and Sunglasses

Since its inception, eyewear has undergone various transformations and has become quite a popular fashion accessory today. Earlier, glasses and sunglasses were meant to provide protection to the eyes and improve vision. Read More

As you know, a perfect accessory can make or break your costume look. Glasses and sunglasses are undoubtedly a fun addition to complete your costume. At Costumes4less, you'll find a huge collection of glasses and sunglasses that gives a touch of authenticity to a specific character. Our collection include a variety of glasses in different styles and frames like aviator glasses, nerd glasses, slotted glasses, funny glasses, Santa glasses, animal printed glasses and much more.

Aviator sunglasses are perfect accessories for both men and women cop costumes. Similarly, round frame glasses which made fashion waves in the 20s and again in the 60s and 70s, can give a final touch to your celebrity or Great Gatsby costume.

Some of our favorite TV/Movie characters or celebrities are defined by their signature sunglasses style. Here you can find Clark Kent/Superman glasses, Elvis glasses and Cat eye glasses worn by many of our favorite female celebrities.

For kids, we have PAW Patrol Chase, Marshall, Batman glasses, Spider man glasses and much more. Look like a minion just as in the movie with our Minion googles. You can also become your favorite ninja characters with our TMNT Ninja Turtle glasses. Our funny glasses include clown glass with nose, Hands glasses, Bug eyes glasses etc.

No matter, what type of character you want to portray, we have the perfect accessory for you. This is not just for Halloween, you'll also find a plenty of glasses and sunglasses that goes with the latest trends in the fashion industry. Show Less

Steampunk Catwoman Deluxe Goggles

Steampunk Catwoman Deluxe Goggles
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Who is your superhero? Superman? Batman? Captain America? iron Man? Ace and Gary? Or Someone else? Can you create your own super hero? In the ancient times, there were heroes with extraordinary or supernatural powers or abilities. Read More There are tales of Hercules, Perseus and Gilgamesh. Medieval folklore has Robin Hood, Beowulf and the knights of King Arthur's Round Table. These heroes always battled against the forces of evil. Like monsters or criminal humans, or corrupt forces of nature.
These superheros characters were originally created by comic book writers in 19th-century. These were sensational serial stories printed on cheap paper and sold very cheap and easily became popular the common person could not afford and wasn't much interested in the literary novels of the day. In the other hand, Penny dreadfuls and the "dime novels" that followed them had clear-cut good-vs.-evil themes. And they weren't short on action or melodrama, either! By the early 20th century, they had created more enduring characters such as Tarzan and Zorro in "pulp" fiction. The pulp fiction was inexpensive because it was printed on cheap paper. The superhero trend has continued since then. The first of the modern superheroes was Superman, who launched the Golden Age of Comics in 1938.
Superman soon had lots of company, and lots of competition! All superheroes have some type of extraordinary power or ability. Their "super power" can be something they're born with eg: Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor. Or, it can be the result of an accident or mutation as was the case of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Wolverine. Or, it can be simply a skill they have learned, honed and perfected beyond the average like Batman or Hawkeye. They all have one thing in common ie strong moral code and a motivation to rid the world of some menace.
Some superheroes have a secret identity, and wear a costume or uniform to help conceal that identity. The costume usually has a logo or symbol as part of its design. Sometimes the costume/uniform incorporates special equipment, tools or technology. Some examples are: Iron Man's armor suit, Captain America's vibranium shield or Spider-Man's web-shooters. Now, who do you want to be? If you have a particular favorite character, chances are that we have a costume for him/her. We carry products made by all major costume manufacturers. We have officially licensed costumes for most of the major DC and Marvel Comics characters. We have also independent or spoof characters. If you want to create your own superhero, we can help you do that, too. We have generic costumes and accessories which you can mix and match in any way you want. Sky is the limit for your imagination!
For couples, families or groups of friends, we have many options too! Browse through these pages and see what you can discover! Show Less
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