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Dinosaur Costumes

Though there are many prehistoric creatures that can be described as huge and gigantic, they aren't nearly as popular as the Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are considered to be the hugest and gigantic creatures ever to walk on the earth. Though dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, it seems like they are still alive. Read More The movies made on pseudo-dinosaur Godzilla, and the new film Jurassic World confirms that they are still objects of scientific fascination.

Almost everyone loves dinosaurs. Some people even think it would be so cool if they could come back to life, though they know it is impossible. Pretty much every kid in the world will have a fascination for this gigantic creature. That's why Dinosaur costumes have always been a much sought after costume for Halloween.

Costumes4less carries the best selection of high quality dinosaur themed costumes and accessories for kids and adults alike. This is the right place, if you're looking for a dino costume, masks or accessories. You can morph yourself into a prehistoric creature by choosing from the incredibly detailed dinosaur costumes. And for the budding paleontologists, we carry the best selection of prehistoric animal and dinosaur themed costumes including Tyrannosaurus Rex, T-Rex, Velociraptor etc.

In addition, we also have a huge selection of Dinosaur themed party supplies for celebrating the birthday of your little predators!
Bring these amazing creatures who ruled the Earth in the past back to life with our costumes and accessories! Show Less
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Toddler T-Rex Costume
See Size Options

Toddler T-Rex Costume
($54.69) $30.19
You Save ($24.50)
Toddler Triceratops Costume
See Size Options

Toddler Triceratops Costume
($49.90) $27.74 - $29.77
You Save Upto ($22.16)
Dinosaur With Polka Dots Toddler Costume

Dinosaur With Polka Dots Toddler Costume
($45.00) $14.75
You Save ($30.25)
Cute Lil Dinosaur Toddler Costume
See Size Options

Cute Lil Dinosaur Toddler Costume
($41.90) $23.21
You Save ($18.69)
NC  WW  
Tyrannosaurus Infant/Toddler Costume

Tyrannosaurus Infant/Toddler Costume
($42.60) $25.66
You Save ($16.94)
Stegosaurus Toddler Costume
See Size Options

Stegosaurus Toddler Costume
($54.69) $29.56 - $30.19
You Save Upto ($25.13)
Pteradactyl Toddler Costume
See Size Options

Pteradactyl Toddler Costume
($50.70) $32.37 - $35.61
You Save Upto ($18.33)
Triceratops Toddler Costume

Triceratops Toddler Costume
($48.15) $38.47
You Save ($9.68)
Dinosaur Toddler Halloween Costume
See Size Options

Dinosaur Toddler Halloween Costume
($47.25) $29.66 - $32.43
You Save Upto ($17.59)
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