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Cinco De Mayo

Mexicans are really cheerful; any reason gives way for a celebration! But the most imperative and exciting are the 16th of September, Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo, the Fifth of May. Read More They are good occasions to show the pride of being Mexican, the love of the Motherland, and the certainty of being a free country, thanks to the many men and women whose struggle made history.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations are more frequent in the United States than in Mexico and many American cities hold carnivals, street fairs and multi-day festivals during the first week of May. Hundreds of thousands peoples get together to enjoy festive music, tantalizing food, colourful costumes and the energetic atmosphere that the Latino culture embodies.

The long traditional costume for ladies is brightly coloured dresses with full skirts trimmed in ribbons, lace, and frills plus detailed accessories like floral hairpieces. Fun stuff. Males at festivities in Mexico usually adorn black trousers with a red belt and tie plus a white-brimmed black hat.

We have a wide range of collection of costumes that will highlight you in this occasion. We have different-different colours and styles dresses for your family n friends. Show Less
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