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Biblical and Religious costumes to bring out the spiritual in you

Religion plays a very important role in our lives. It keeps reminding us that there is a higher power existing and taking care of us in this whole scheme of things. It helps us stay grounded during times of success and gives us strength to face the adversities. Read More At costume4less.com we offer you a whole range of Biblical and Religious costumes that you can wear to express yourself and the way you view religion. We have with us a myriad of costumes representing various personalities that have played or that are playing an important role in our religious lives. For instance costumes such as the mother Mary costume, Monk Robe costume, Priest costume and Jesus costume among many others are all available with us.

If it is the Halloween day that you are planning to celebrate in style then we have with us Biblical costumes and Religious costumes that would give you an edge over your peers and friends. Our religious costumes are so genuine that nobody would be able to make out whether it is you or some real religious figure standing at their door for your trick or treat adventures.

At costume4less.com you can purchase these Biblical and Religious costumes at the most economical of rates. You can have all the fun on the Halloween day by wearing our costumes without burning a hole in your pocket. So let the religious in you come out in full force through these costumes. We would advise you to shop all products from one warehouse to save on shipping costs and take advantage of our free shipping offer. Show Less
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Mary Child Costume
See Size Options

Mary Child Costume
($40.50) $29.71
You Save ($10.79)
Deluxe Angel Child Costume
See Size Options

Deluxe Angel Child Costume
($30.00) $18.65 - $22.55
You Save Upto ($11.35)
Shepherd Child Costume

Shepherd Child Costume
($76.00) $45.99
You Save ($30.01)
Shepherd Child Costume
See Size Options

Shepherd Child Costume
($59.00) $28.55 - $32.71
You Save Upto ($30.45)
Biblical Townschild Costume

Biblical Townschild Costume
($43.95) $31.40
You Save ($12.55)
Heavenly Angel Child Costume

Heavenly Angel Child Costume
($41.00) $22.30
You Save ($18.70)
Virgin Mary Child Costume
See Size Options

Virgin Mary Child Costume
($41.00) $17.53 - $21.36
You Save Upto ($23.47)
Sorceress Child Costume

Sorceress Child Costume
($30.00) $20.69
You Save ($9.31)
Angel With Halo Child Costume
See Size Options

Angel With Halo Child Costume
($21.00) $14.42 - $15.33
You Save Upto ($6.58)
Hooded Black Dress Costume

Hooded Black Dress Costume
($41.00) $12.59
You Save ($28.41)
Dress With Cape Costume
See Size Options

Dress With Cape Costume
($41.00) $11.46 - $12.44
You Save Upto ($29.54)
Dress with hood Costume
See Size Options

Dress with hood Costume
($41.00) $11.04 - $11.46
You Save Upto ($29.96)
Angel Child Costume
See Size Options

Angel Child Costume
($39.95) $28.60
You Save ($11.35)
Mary Child Costume

Mary Child Costume
($44.95) $32.10
You Save ($12.85)
Biblical Peasant Girl Costume

Biblical Peasant Girl Costume
($38.95) $29.66
You Save ($9.29)
Guardian Angel Child Costume
See Size Options

Guardian Angel Child Costume
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Child Pirate Costumes
Does your child like the Johnny Depp Pirate movie? Then you must think about dressing him up like a junior pirate, this Halloween. We are sure he is going to love his role and enjoy the party to the core. Buy child pirate costumes for your little girl or boy and make them look like a true pirate! The material of these ensembles is of the finest quality.